Due to the requirement for various types of computer keyboards manufacturers have developed a wide variety that range from simple text to sophisticated multimedia keyboards. Each keyboard has different benefits and while some provide short cuts to email applications or other applications, others enable users to connect to applications like media players. This article is going to explain the various varieties of keyboards that are available best midi keyboard for logic pro x.

A basic computer keyboard that isn’t equipped with advanced features features just 84 keys. The layout of a simple computer keyboard is similar to a type writer but extra keys feature are included to use applications like document processing, email, and word processing.

The multimedia keyboard is equipped with 101 keys. The keys are commonly referred to as shortcuts or hot keys. Some keyboards with multimedia features have an additional 104 keys. These devices come with more features when compared to a keyboard that has 101 keys. Advanced keyboards or multimedia keyboards have added features such as an independent keypad, a caps lock keys and shift lock keys, as well as short cut keys that take you to in built multimedia applications. The option to turn on an option to use sticky keys is included on advanced keyboards.

A computer keyboard with ergonomic design has a special design that helps keep the hands in the proper position while typing. They are great for those who work on the computer for longer than 3 hours a day, or for people with wrist problems.

Numerous manufacturers are developing keyboards with different shapes, sizes and colors. Traditional keyboards would be bulky and come in solid colors such as black white, grey, and grey, but these keyboards are modernized and are available in different colors like yellow, red, pink and purple. Some manufacturers even provide keyboards with an in built lights. These keyboards are perfect for use at night when external lights are dimmed or switched off.

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