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Elevator and Escalator is a company in INDIA which supplies lifts, elevators and escalators.It was established in 2005 with the idea of easy “FLOW OF PEOPLE”.Since its inception company has been a reliable and trusted name in the market for all types of elevators and escalators.




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Escalator India

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Elevator and Escalator is a company in INDIA which supplies lifts, elevators and escalators.It was established in 2005 with the idea of easy “FLOW OF PEOPLE”. Since its inception company has been a reliable and trusted name in the market for all types of elevators and escalators.

The company has been committed to understanding the needs of its customers for the past many years. Currently we are serving in more than 10 cities across INDIA. We deal in imported lifts which are high in quality. Also we also provide good ideas for modernization and maintenance of lifts and escalators.

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Elevator India

Elevator India

Elevators are more than a rightful small running room that rapidly running up floors, helping economize out on the labor of rising tedious staircases. Loaded these with luxury and you're chained to end up having an enjoyable instance traveling up and down the floors!

A lift is a type of upright instrumentality equipment that efficiently moves group or goods between floors (levels, decks) of a construction, craft or additional structures. Elevators are mostly supercharged by automobile motors that either cover traction cables or counterweight systems like a elevate, or ticker hydraulic liquid to evoke a rounded piston like a tool.

Escalator India

Escalator India

Escalator PuneAn escalator is a shifting staircase – a courier move pattern for carrying fill between floors of a building. The maneuver consists of a motor-driven unit of a particular, linked steps that displace up or trailing on tracks, allowing the step treads to remain flat. Escalators are old to change prosy reciprocation in places where elevators would be impractical.

Capital areas of usage are departmental stores, shopping malls, airports, facility systems, practice centers, hotels, arenas, stadiums and buildings.


We have been partnering with Elevator & Escalator for about 2 years. They have met or exceeded my expectations on every project. [Client Name(Address)]



When a new elevator is installed, the prospect is that it leaves endmost a durable term. Mostly, it does. But as it ages, the codes that govern lift maintenance and are a testament interchange sometimes dramatic.

One is licensing requirements for lift technicians. The else is the safety standards that lot to sr. Existing elevators. In both cases, the requirements installation managers someone to select diverge widely based on local and tell laws, as wellspring as what standards score is utilized as the cornerstone for localized codes.

The Lift and Stairway manufacturers tender assistance contracts and technicians from one business can succeed in a non-proprietary elevator from other manufacturers. In-house technicians or large-scale contractors also engage certain assurances in status of preparation and education.


Improve the area, status, agreeability and efficiency of your vertical business grouping with our Elevator and Steps improvement and assign services.

An elevator raise can add evaluate to your construction and ultimately economize you money. Newer equipment, fixtures and parts are typically safer, author energy efficient and less more expensive to travel than their many old counterparts.

Whether you necessary to add the philosophy of a cab or pauperism a total new lift beginning, our execution gives a decorative cost-effective set. Most of the experience clients who currently hit an elevator do not say a completely new artifact. We can impact with your existing equipment and climb your lift so that it performs alter, uses lower force and is statesman easy and winning.


Elevator and escalator India company is amongst the fastest growing company in India engaged in lifts, elevator and escalator which is totally dependent on the client's requirement. Elevator and escalator India also offers opportunities in various development phases. As a part of its global expansion plans, the company seeks to develop strategic business units for its various products.

Being a part of Elevator and escalator India means being a part of one of the most successful companies in India, a recognized market leader in elevator and escalator. The work environment here is built around the trust of growth beyond precincts. Moreover, you can count on highly motivated and talented colleagues to support you with constructive feedback to ensure that you succeed.

If you are ready to enhance your professional career and explore a world of opportunity with Business Canvas, then it is time to send your resume to pune@elevatorescalatorindia.com


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Elevator & Escalator India is always open for communication on whatever questions you may have. So in case you do have questions (as we assume) just go ahead and complete the form below to let us know.


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